My Tribe by Susanna Nordvall Photography

Brothers and Sisters,
together as friends,
ready to face
whatever life sends.
Joy and laughter
or tears and strife,
holding hands tightly
as we dance through life.

Someday when the 
pages of my life end, 
I know that these moments,
right now,
will be one of
its most beautiful

If I could give my daughter 3 
things, it would be the confidence 
to always know her self worth,
the strength to chase her dreams
and the ability to know how
truly, deeply loved she is.

I constantly 
go between wanting
you to be my
baby forever,
and being excited
about all the amazing
things you'll do in
this life.

Little boys should never
be sent to bed.
They always wake up
a day older.

I still remember the days  I dreamed
for the things I have now.

All of me
loves all of you.

To world you may
be one person, but to
one person you may
be the whole world.

My children are my everything,
so I will give anything
and stop at nothing.
- that is all-

Find your Tribe
and love them hard.

Pictures by truly amazing Susanna Nordvall Photography.


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